As you are no doubt aware, we have now received the welcome news that public worship, small weddings and small funerals will be permitted in church from 4th July. Our first service will be on Sunday 5th July and for the time being there will be one service at 9.30am which will last approximately 30-35 minutes.

Both the opening for personal prayer and worship has to be done in line with both Government and Church of England guidelines which are updated frequently. Please be assured that we will do our best to provide a safe environment for everyone who comes into church.

The church is also open daily for personal prayer now between approximately 9.30am and 3.00pm. For this, access is through the side door by the High Altar on the south side not the usual entrance. The prayer area is in the chancel on chairs specifically spaced and it is not be possible to go into the nave. Copies of a short prayer meditation guide are available for anyone to use providing they take it home with them as we cannot have pieces of paper being left for others to use. Hand sanitiser is available for use as you enter and leave.

Bishop Graham, the Bishop of Norwich, emphasised in his most recent communication: “The Government’s announcement is permissive rather than prescriptive. My clear advice for the Diocese of Norwich remains, as it has at each stage of the unlocking, that we move forward slowly, steadily and safely.”

We look forward to seeing you at some point in the future and we will continue to pray for our town community in the weeks ahead as we have done throughout the period of lockdown.