The theme for this month’s magazine is “Vulnerability” which is not the first word which I suspect pops into your head in association with December. Instead you are more likely to have a list including “Christmas, shopping, family, tree, decorations, food” plus many more. Yet for many, both in this country and overseas, it is indeed a time when their personal circumstances, precarious at the best of times, are thrown into even sharper relief by the festivities and celebrations going on around them.

In Christian terms, as well as in cultural ones, we would not find ourselves celebrating the feast of Christmas at all had it not been for the birth of Christ over two thousand years ago. The birth of a baby to parents living very ordinary lives (at least until that point) who doubtless at times felt overwhelmed or confused by events in their own lives and those of others. Jesus was a vulnerable baby, dependent as he was on Mary and Joseph for care and nurture. Hence the choice of theme.

Vulnerability can take many forms: physical, emotional, financial, professional. As with other difficulties which may overtake us, recognising it for what it is and acknowledging it, is sometimes as hard as learning how to cope with it. No one is immune regardless of their age. As a community we hopefully do the best we can to offer encouragement and optimism to those known to us. From where does optimism come? For the Christian it comes from knowing that God loves us enough to be born and die in vulnerability for me and you. In the new year we hope to offer a short course for anyone wanting to explore more about the Christian life. If you are interested you would be very welcome. My contact details for more information are on the Contact the Rector website page.

Finally, may I take the opportunity to wish you a happy and blessed Christmas and remind you that you are most warmly welcome to any of the Christmas services.

Francis Mason


Christmas Services at Fakenham Parish Church

Sunday 10th December: 4.00 pm Christingle Service

Sunday 17th December: 6.30 pm Candlelit Carol Service

Christmas Eve 24th December: 4.00 pm Crib Service, 11.30 pm Midnight Communion

Christmas Day Monday 25th December: 8.00 am Holy Communion, 10.30 am Family Communion