The Bible Course

This seven week course, produced by The Bible Society is being held in Fakenham Parish Church on Tuesday evenings commencing Tuesday, 17th September until Tuesday 29th October at 7.30 pm each evening.  Each session will last 90 minutes, and the whole course will cost you £5.00 which includes a booklet for you to keep and make your own notes in for future reference.  The booklet is an essential part of the course and will enable you to discover the BIG picture of the Bible as you’ve never experienced before.  It’s suitable for anyone wanting to know more about the Bible whether you are new to it or want to go deeper, the Bible Course is for you.  It shows how all the books, characters and events fit together to form one BIG story, from Genesis to Revelation.

Please put your name on the sheet at the back of church, or reserve a place through the Parish Office on 01328 862268 or ( or 01328 853691.  The £5 will be payable at the first session.  Please sign up before the 10th September so that sufficient booklets can be ordered in readiness for the first session.

We understand that some people who have already been on the course, want to come again, and if you already have a booklet, please bring it along with you, then you will have nothing to pay!