As I am sitting writing this, the weather is cold and damp, the light is going, and I am waiting for the children to return from school.

The news seems to be full of sadness and tragedy, other than the recent royal engagement. (I would like to offer my congratulations.) There is very little joy being spread through the world.

Jesus spread peace and goodwill to all no matter what their background. I for one would like to see this replicated throughout our community and beyond, the fear and hatred in the world to be eradicated and people live side by side as one community.

The Christmas Tree Festival has been successful, the faces of the young and not so young have been magical yet again. The community of Fakenham and surrounding areas have come together for the good of others, supporting the various charities, talking to one another making new friends and meeting old friends.

My hope for the New Year is that we can continue this and spread this good news further, stopping the violence and oppression in the world. This may be difficult but we need to start somewhere and pray for everyone.


Amanda Sands January 2018