I have never enjoyed gardening. I like looking at the end result and eating the many vegetables that Michael grows, but the very thought of getting dirt under my fingernails …

However this year I bought some tiny plug plants from a Sunday newspaper for baskets and tubs which we grew on in a fairly small, plastic greenhouse. We ended up with 3 wall baskets on the front of the house, 4 hanging baskets and 4 troughs in the backyard. I’ve never seen so much colour there! Geraniums, petunias and lobelia. I did manage to plant a few for myself but discovered that I still don’t like dirt under my nails!

Jesus told stories called parables. A parable is a simple story used by Jesus to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson. My favourite is the parable of the sower. You can read this in Luke’s Gospel chapter 8 verses 5 to 15. It’s the story about seed growing in various different places. On the footpath, on rocks, among weeds and on good soil. Jesus explained the meaning of the parable to his listeners. The seed represents the Word of God. That on the footpath is heard but then quickly taken by the devil, that on rocks grows to begin but has no roots so dies, that growing with the weeds is choked by cares and worries, and that on the good soil has a good harvest.

So, what can we discover about ourselves from this? I believe that at times I can be like the seed in all the different places. Sometimes I don’t remember what I’ve heard, sometimes I listen and take things in but then get distracted, sometimes life and worries take over, but sometimes I listen and remember and learn. It’s like being at school. We don’t remember everything we are told but most does sink in eventually!

But I still don’t enjoy gardening, and especially getting dirt under my fingernails!

Linda Frost
October 2017