We’ve just been away for a long weekend to our great-niece’s wedding. We went on the Thursday, picked up my wife’s sister in Swaffham, and travelled on to Aspley Guise in Bedfordshire to spend the night with my wife’s youngest sister and her husband. On the Friday, we then all travelled together in their much larger car to Swindon to stay for two nights in a hotel in readiness for an early wedding on the Saturday morning. Sunday morning after breakfast, we then started on the journey home again staying another night in Bedfordshire before venturing back to Norfolk.

Why have I told you all this? The reason is we had been planning this venture for months. What were we going to do with the dog for 4 nights? What clothes were we going to take? Was the weather going to be warm or cold, fine or rainy? We had to pack all the wedding outfits so that they didn’t get creased – then there was the casual wear for Bedford and travelling, the more smart casual wear for the hotel – it was a nightmare! Our car is quite small, so would we get all this extra baggage into it along with all of my sister in laws cases etc. You’ll be pleased to know that our daughter volunteered to have the dog, but when we went to collect her, she was so settled in her new abode, she was very reluctant to come back to her more sedate life in the Foreman household. But that’s another story!

I’ve just been reading the chapter in St John’s Gospel where Jesus was preparing for His own “going away”, when He was praying for Himself, His disciples and us. I find that remarkable, that over 2,000 years ago Jesus was praying for you and me. Not only is it remarkable, but it’s also amazing that Jesus would find time to think of others as well as Himself, and that His disciples would be well cared for after His Death, Resurrection and Ascension. This is the wonderful God that we as Christians have the opportunity to follow day by day. The joy of this knowledge is that He hasn’t left us bereft, because we all have the opportunity of experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives to help and direct us in all situations, good or bad.

Yours in His peace and love,
Canon Patrick Foreman (retired)