We are now in spring and all the beautiful spring colours are surrounding us. We are also in Lent and coming towards Easter on the 16th of this month. What does that mean for us today? For many sadly it just means having a long weekend. However this is one of the most if not the most important time in the Church calendar. Easter and the resurrection of Jesus gives us hope, hope that all the human frailties we have are forgiven.
I take collective worship once a week in school, the children there have been learning about Lent and Easter, it really was refreshing for me to hear them speak about the hope they see from the resurrected Christ. We have also spoken about the giving up of something during Lent. What if anything have you given up? Why did you give it up? These are questions put to the children. Many answers were “we are giving up chocolate,” then a few days later they say they have started eating it again!! This year I thought I would approach it a different way, instead of giving up something, do something everyday that maybe they hadn’t. So far this has been a success.
Maybe we should all think about this for future years, and continue to care for one another once Easter had been and gone. Jesus cares for us all no matter who we are or where we live. Maybe the world we live in would be a brighter place if we all took time to see each other instead of making snap judgements.

Amanda Sands